Domain Names & SEO

  • Domain Names & SEO

    Domain Names & SEO

    If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, you’ll want to take into consideration the importance that name has regarding SEO. Buying the name of your primary keyword search term is one of the best things you can do when launching a new website. Consider your business when buying a domain name and how your customers will find you.


    If you own a bagel shop in Parsippany then you should search at your host’s domain finder or and look for the domain or some sort of derivation that has your keyword search term. Adding in your town or city name  to the domain will also narrow the search target locally.


    Having a domain name with your keyword search term greatly increases your ability to score higher in Google’s eyes and makes SEO work much more effective! You can do it yourself by considering your domain carefully when launching your new business. People won’t search for your business name unless they already know your so thinking in terms of primary keyword search term is very important.


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